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Navratra Recipes That Are A Must Try.

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Navratri is a vibrant nine day festive celebration observed all over India in different forms that bring with it a mood of dance, joy and positivity. An important part of any celebration is the food. During this period, Satvik food i.e. dishes made without onion & garlic, is usually eaten in Hindu households. Since the festivities are just around the corner, we decided to share with you some exciting recipe idea that you can try and relish during the fasting season.


1. Sabudana Khichdi: It is made of tapioca pearls (sago) with potatoes and peanuts. One of the easiest things to prepare when you want to keep it simple and light. The starch content lets you feel full for longer and be satiated. A complete energy booster, Sabudana Kheechdi is an evergreen pick for your fast.

2. Kuttu Ki Poori:  Kuttu atta, also known as Buckwheat flour, is a gluten-free option. Also, being a fibre rich food serves as a great ingredient during fast. Puri made from buckwheat flour is something everyone looks forward to during the fasting season. This slightly crisp and deliciously nutty kuttu ki puri is a treat for all. The puris can be made plain or in combination with mashed potatoes. Enjoy these mouthwatering kuttu ki poori at Clove during this Navratri season with their Navratri Stavik Thali.

3. Kuttu ka Cheela: Kuttu ka chilla is a crepe made from Buckwheat flour. Serve it with chutneys and curd. Keep the consistency of the batter similar to that of dosa for a well-cooked cheela. Enjoy it with tamarind chutney.

4. Makhana Kheer:  A dessert pudding made with Makhana (foxnuts), milk, ghee, sugar and dry fruits, makhana kheer is absolutely healthy & nutritious. You can also make it on regular days as a sweet. Indulge without worrying about the weighing scale and make your fasting all the more enjoyable.

5. Vratwale Khatte Meethe Aloo: This irresistible form of potato chat is a great mix of sweet and sour tastes. Add the tanginess of tamarind chutney with spices & sugar to cook this yummy version of potatoes & let your tastebuds fulfill their cravings for a chat.

6. Arbi Chips: The thinly sliced taro roots are deep-fried into the oil and seasoned with some Indian spice powders. The crispy texture attained by medium thickness enhances the taste. You can make these arbi chips ahead of time in batches and store them for the fasting week. On regular days try these with different seasonings like garlic powder, onion powder, dried herbs like basil, oregano, etc.

7. Sweet Potato Tikki: Using sweet potato or shakarkandi can be a welcome change when you are tired and bored of having the potatoes regularly during the fasts. The sweet potato with buckwheat flour or water chestnut flour, or amaranth flour. Also, you might add lemon juice instead of amchur.

8. Kebab-e-Kela: Spiced banana kebabs that are flavoured with chillies and coriander is a great festival snack. Kebabs-e-kela perfectly melts in your mouth and please your soul.

9. Vrat Ki Kadhi: The kadhi goes very well as a side dish with Sama pulao, Kuttu ki khichdi and other items. It is easy to digest and is also cooling for the body. There are various vrat kadhi recipes that you can look out for and try this season.

10. Kaddu ki Sabzi: Also known as petha sabzi, the recipe is simple enough to be prepared with a handful of ingredients. The flavouring comes from the addition of methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) and cumin seeds. Usual Indian spice powders like turmeric powder, red chilli powder and garam masala powder are added along with some sugar or jaggery for that sweetness which fuses subtly with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

11. Sabudana Kheer: A delicious festive dessert made with the simplest ingredients like Sabudana (tapioca) is flavoured with cardamom and saffron and simmered in milk. One must be careful while cooking it as it might get overcooked & spoilt if not attended properly.

12. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa: Everyone's favourite snack made with fasting ingredients like water chestnut flour, sendha namak and a filling of spiced chironji. Serve this with coriander chutney.


On this occasion, Clove – The art Of Dining, one of the best Indian restaurants in Surrey, BC proudly serves its exclusive Navratri Satvik Thali comprising of some of these delicacies to make your festival even more special. The Navratri Satvik hali is available from Monday September 26th to Wednesday October 5th, 2022. The other dishes that are a part of the thali include Anardana  Adrak  Chaas, Sabudana Vada, Bhorpali Ki Takrari, Masur Dal Panchporan, Jeera Aloo, Kala Chana Sukka, Shahi Paneer & Shakarkandi Halwa along with Rice & Papad.

Experience the magic of Indian food and try out more such interesting Indian dishes at Clove. Visit our website to know more about our restaurant and our Indian food menu.


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